The most flexible, customizable software for your team.

Many companies struggle to operate efficiently and maximize profits. We provide customized business management solutions designed to take your pain away, simplify your operational processes, and help you increase profitability.

Companies just like yours use Bento to power their businesses

Bento cures all of your operational headaches.

Birds-eye view of your entire organization

Create multiple high-level dashboards to see everything your entire organization is working on at a glance.

No more painful email inbox overload

Gone are the days of hunting for information in your inbox. Find all of your pertinent business information in Bento.

Always know what you need to work on

With a "My Stuff" area and configurable dashboards, you will always know what you need to work on.

Keep your team on the most important tasks

With automated tasks, configurable dashboards and team management, your team will always know what to work on.

Eliminate multiple systems with one tool

No more switching in and out of different software systems for different functions in your business.

Have your entire company collaborate as a team

You and your team can easily share information cross-team and gather feedback more cohesively.

Create accurate reports for informed decisions

With all your data in one place, you can finally view accurate data to make better business decisions.

Automate tedious tasks to get more done every day

Work faster, better & smarter than ever before with automated templates to get more work done.

Reduce human-error from your data entry

By using automation in your business you can minimize the number of costly data errors in your business processes.

Pre-built tools, customized to how you do business.

Bento has 80% of the tools you need built right in. Our team of developers configures the remaining 20% to fit how YOU do business so you can run at maximum velocity.

  • CRM
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Scheduling
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • Billing
  • Documents
  • Templates
  • Teams
  • Tasks
  • Time Tracking

Contact notes lost in your inbox? You aren't alone. Use Bento's Contact and Company tool to keep all of your client info straight.

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View your data in multiple ways.
Your ways!

  • Kanban Board View
  • Calendar View
  • Card View
  • List View
  • Table View

The Kanban Board View allows you to see your data in a column layout where each column in a status within a relevant workflow.

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Use Workflows to automate your business.

Workflows are where magic happens and how Bento truly automates your business. If you have an operational process, Bento can map that to a workflow to keep your business flowing smoothly.

Attach “Actions” to each stage of your custom workflows that trigger creating tasks, new projects, webhooks, Zapier Zaps, and more!

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Yes! Bento integrates with other tools.
Even yours!

Native API with PHP

Do you have an in-house tool that needs to integrate with Bento? We make it super simple to communicate with your Bento instance using our native API with PHP.

Zapier Integration

Bento has teamed up with Zapier to allow you to create Workflows that end with a Zapier Zap action. (Current, we only allow you to use our Triggers from Bento to another tool in Zapier).

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// include the PHP library
require_once 'bento.php';

$bento = new BentoAPI({{INSTANCE_NAME}},{{API_TOKEN}});

// create an object
$created = $bento->create(array(

// get an object by ID
$obj = $bento->getById($created['id']);

// get many objects with an array of IDs
$objs = $bento->getById([$created['id'],1529030]);

// update an object
$updated = $bento->update(array(

// archive an object
$deleted = $bento->archive('contacts', $created['id']);

Bento users all agree.
They love us!

"Point blank there is no software on the market that offers the same versatility as Bento. This platform offers creative flexibility to tackle your company's needs.”

Nathaniel Beaver, Entrepreneur

"Bento has been amazing at keeping track of all my client contacts, very efficient system helps keep me organized.”

Dana McKinney, Avant Garde Marketing Solutions

"Bento allows our remote team to keep track of all of our contacts and orders."

Adam Malanga, Vice President, The Life Book

Need more proof? Here's how Bento gets results.

We helped Infinity Hospitality increase their revenue 4x by eliminating double-bookings and implementing inventory control using Bento.
We helped Gideons International grow their booklet distribution from 30,000 to 5.5 million all while maintaining the same team size.

Take the headaches out of your business & allow Bento to build an easy process for management & growth.

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