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11 Benefits of a Cloud Operating System

Doing business in the cloud is not new. People all over the world use different pieces of software that live “in the cloud” to work through business processes everyday.

But how is that different from a cloud-based operating system?

  1. All of your company’s data is stored in a single place;
  2. Different teams within an organization have access to the most up-to-date information;
  3. Updates are seamless. Users don’t need to download anything. Simply using the operating system regularly ensures users have the latest version. 

Top 6 Things You Should Know about a Cloud Operating System

A cloud operating system allows:

  1. Faster time to market for your business or project
  2. You will have better team collaboration
  3. No more worrying about IT infrastructure and related headaches
  4. You can have instant data backups
  5. Cloud Operating Systems are device agnostic (Any internet device can access)
  6. Data moves between devices instantly. For example, you can create a task on your phone and it automatically syncs to your laptop.)

We built Bento as a cloud-based operating system that focuses on automation and workflows. Our system operates in the cloud and is available on any internet-connected device. But the real key is that when we roll out updates, you and your entire team have them automatically. Our clients use our software every day to manage their businesses. They do so easily and seamlessly without worrying about the “tech” behind the system because that’s not what their job should be. 

Bento Systems, Cloud Operating, Entrepreneur, Managing Business, operating system, business

This means each person in your organization can focus on what their job actually is. They don’t have to worry about “updating” anything and the time it takes to do so. As a business owner or manager, you don’t have to worry about hiring an IT team to update or manage anything relevant to your operating system because it’s all done in the cloud and that’s what our focus is. We want to let you just do your work and let us worry about how the operating system is going to work for you.

Top 5 Benefits of a Cloud Operating System

  1. Updates are instantly available to all users
  2. All users benefit from platform updates
  3. Data is continually backed up
  4. Data is instantly available to necessary users
  5. IT infrastructure and the headaches that go along with it are managed by Bento

We also think this is how business should be done. For many years, locally-hosted solutions were the way to go. But now you have a better option.

If you have questions about how a cloud operating systems can benefit your business, contact us here.