6 Tips for getting more done in your day

Feeling overwhelmed by your ToDo list? Certain times of your workday may seem stressful, as if you can’t get everything done. How do you easily get more done in your day? Check out our 6 Tips for getting more done in your work day and help your week to go by faster and better!

1. Plan ahead

Planning comes naturally to some people and others, not so much.  We believe planning ahead is what makes the busy days so much easier to manage and way less stressful. We personally rely heavily on our project management tools to make this happen for our team. The Bento project management tools allow whoever is in charge of a project to create tasks and assign them to themselves or other team members by due date. There is also a tool to create and store documents, create work schedules and work on drafts of proposals ahead of time. These tools can help get all of the details out of a team member’s head and into an organized system that the team can then communicate and collaborate on. This time spent planning ahead on a project saves a ton of time later and really helps when you’re having a busy day, week, month, year as the project tools make planning ahead a breeze. 

2. Have a centralized plan for all of your details

Planning ahead ties well into our next tips, which is to have a centralized plan for all of your details. After all, *57% of projects fail due to breakdown in communications. An overarching plan can only come together when its nitty gritty details are planned ahead of time and those details are put in a centralized place (like a software system). Assign tasks to different team members within a project to simplify and easily communicate your project plans.

*Source: it-cortex.com

3. Utilize technology as often as you can

Technology can significantly improve systems and processes and help you experience an organized work life. If you do not currently use software to manage your team, we recommend looking into software that can help create organization and efficiency for you and your team.  Also, using  automation tools like software helps create more brain space and reduces the amount of things you and your team have to do manually each day – saving a ton of time and money.

In addition to using solid software & automation tools, be sure you’re utilizing things like video chat and automated scheduling to work with your clients and your team. These are great online tools that can help you get more done in your day as you reduce travel time and setup time for meetings.

4. Stack your meetings to one part of your day

Meetings are a necessary part of each work week. We hope you are already using meetings effectively by planning ahead and being focused during that meeting. One thing that has also helped us is stacking meetings. We have found that scheduling or “stacking” meetings to one day or one time a day helps us with our work production significantly.

This looks like choosing 2-3 days per week and putting all your meetings for that week on those days and designating the other 2-3 days as work days. We have found that the mindset of going in and out of meetings and trying to get work done in between does not work well in actually getting work done. This is especially true of the projects and tasks that require deep thinking and focus.

If you don’t feel comfortable only setting meetings on certain days, consider stacking all our meetings to one time a day. For example, you can stack all your meetings in the mornings so that you have all afternoon to get work done. Setting up your schedule this way can really help organize your work week and help you have the communication necessary in collaborative meetings but to also get your individual work done with the focus it requires.

5. Set up processes for workflows

We love having a process and a system for all of our work. When you set up a process, it means that at some point you have had to focus on and think through how something should work. This also means once you have found a process that does work you can train your team to stick to that process. This is why we created customizable project workflows in Bento. These customizable workflows offer a more succinct look at how you move a project through your organization. It also gives everyone who needs to be apprised of the status of a project an easy and high-level way to see where all projects are at any time.  Customized workflows help create clarity for your team tasks for all projects. Here are some more details on how to utilize workflows for your team.

6. Stick to your processes

Though this seems silly, it’s easy to get busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life in and outside of work. But if you’re going to take the time and  make plans and workflows, you need to be sure you and your team stick to them. You can help by properly communicating what the process is and why it has been set up that way to the relevant team members. When you and your team understand what a process is and why you are doing it, you can all stay on the same page and work consistently. 

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