Push your projects to the next level

Are you intimidated by due dates and deadlines? Has your organization struggled with things slipping through the cracks because of lapses in your processes? Thankfully, project management software systems like Bento has intuitive and easy-to-use project management feature to keep your projects on track, on time and bring your project management to the next level!

Tips for sales managers: 3 ways to sell more this year

If you work in sales management for your company, then you’re probably under a lot of pressure to constantly reinvent your approach to sales to fit with the most recent trends. It can be hard for even experienced professionals to know what to do to make your business stand out, and what not to do to avoid making a bad impression. So, here are three tips to upping your sales game this year.

Workplace Hacks: Use recurring tasks to simplify the way you work

Do you or any of your team members struggle with ALL THE DETAILS that need to be kept up with and assigning tasks to the right team members? How about making sure that all team members consistently know what they should be doing and when? With so much going in an organization, it’s easy for anyone to let a few balls drop. But we have a way to help prevent that: Bento’s task management feature.