Team chat: Mismanaged Software Projects

We recently had a team chat about mismanaged software projects. We’ve had some clients come to us after a previous software project went wrong. We now have some insight on how to prevent software projects that go over budget and over time on the front end of a project. Watch our convo and let us know your thoughts as a software development team as well. If you are a company and have had a software project that didn’t go as planned, we’d love to hear your story in the comments.

Time Tracking on Tasks & Projects

Tracking the amount of time you and your team spend on tasks & projects can make or break your profit margin. This is why we created our Time Tracking app in Bento to help teams properly track time against tasks and project.

Scheduling Your Staff & Volunteers with Ease

Scheduling your team members and volunteers can get cumbersome really quickly without the right tools. We have made recent updates to our scheduling app within Bento to make scheduling quick and easy for anyone who needs to schedule team members or volunteers.

Why do we think Every Company is a Software Company?

We have some great discussions as a team that vary between software, business & life talks. In a recent chat, we discussed how every company is actually a software company. What does that mean? No matter what business type you are, you need to be investing in your technology and software in order to compete. The alternative is you stay the same and get left behind. We discuss some great examples of companies in different business classes and how they have invested in technology and software to make themselves better. As a result, they are standing out in the crowd. See how you can apply this to your business:

Project Templates and Team Templates in Bento Systems Software

How often are you duplicating a task or process you’ve done in your job before? How much easier would it be if you could just click to duplicate a process and have the new project copied? With the templates feature in Bento you can do just that and save time and a ton of work.