Operational Memory: What is it and what are the downfalls?

The days of working the same 9-5 for 40+ years seem to be on the path of extinction. Automation and a moderately consistent push to “try something new” means team members might not always stick to one company for their entire career. What does this mean if a valued team member gains plenty of information on their work responsibilities and/or their client? How will a company replace such a valued asset if that person leaves? No matter what, an experienced team member can easily gain strong operational memory during their time in a work position. Companies and businesses need systems to help pass this memory to other team members.

Bento team: Why is there so much Japanese culture in the Bento brand?

Konichiwa! Arigatou! These are two greetings & salutations you may see as you use Bento Systems. What do those words even mean? What is their specific purpose? Konichiwa and arigatou mean “hello” and “thank you” in Japanese. The Bento brand name itself is Japanese. Bento was built on a custom back-end framework called Pagoda. The…

How to keep projects on track and on time

Ever wonder why you and your fellow employees are dragging along through a project? Whether you’re part of a non-profit or standard business, keeping projects up-to-date and timely can be difficult without a little bit of organization. If you struggle with problems like this, then we have the answers for you and your organization! 1.…

6 Tips for getting more done in your day

Feeling overwhelmed by your todo list? Throughout your work day certain times may seem stressful, as if you can’t get everything done. How do you get more done in your day without having to hire out the work? Check out our 6 Tips for getting more done in your work day and help your week to go by faster and better!