Bento Systems Software for Logistics

There’s a lot to manage as a logistics company. From business inquires to tracking shipments and all the documents in between. With so many different things happening simultaneously, how do you you keep track of everything and keep everyone in the loop?

Good communication. And good software.

We’ve built both of those into Bento Systems software for Logistics. We work with a lot of companies who want custom solutions that fit their logistics business but don’t want to spend the money and time it would take for full-customized proprietary system. Off-the-shelf software does not fulfill all their needs, or forces them into business practices that don’t always make the most sense.

That’s where Bento comes in.

With Bento Systems software, we offer rapid software solutions development, making it faster to get a customized system for your logistics business at a fraction of the cost of custom development.

Manage Business Inquiries through Customizable Forms

Bento has a fully customizable form tool for you to capture all the data you need. Whether it’s a new sales lead or a vendor you need to receive information from, you can create a form and embed it on your website. Even better, is all of that data is automatically be pulled in to your Bento system without any additional admin steps.

Create customizable contact workflows for new business inquiries

Example of a Customizable Contact Workflow

Once you’ve received a business inquiry or any information from your web form, you can create customizable workflows for your business. From a sales perspective, let’s say you have a new business inquiry come to you from your website. You can create different workflow steps for those types of inquiries. Those steps may look like:

1. First follow-up email

2. First follow-up phone call

3. Sent new business information packet

4. 2nd follow-up email

5. 2nd follow-up phone call

6. Business proposal sent

7. Active Customer

This way, you will always know the status of any new lead contact in this workflow.

Properly Manage Shipments with Customizable Workflows

As a logistics company, properly managing shipments, products, inventory & fulfillment from end-to-end is your main priority. Bento Systems software also has the ability to create customizable workflows for each project type. This means for each type of product, project, shipment type, etc. you are able to create the workflows that make sense for your organization. For example, a shipment workflow may look like these steps:

1. Leaves warehouse

2. Scanned & Arrived at location 1

3. Leaves location 1

4. Scanned & arrive at location 2

5. Leaves location 2

6. Arrives at destination

Example of a customized project workflow

With this example you can easily know where any shipment of product is at… any time. What’s better is you can create different custom workflows for really anything you need.

Notes & Comments throughout the system

While you’re managing shipments, inventory, fulfillment & products for yourself or your clients, there may be notes or comments you need at each checkpoint or from your warehouse manager. Bento has a notes & commenting system that makes it easy to collaborate with team members.

Bento Systems commenting feature

Inventory Tracking

The core of logistics is properly tracking inventory & products. Bento Systems software starts off with a full and robust inventory system that can easily be customized to your business needs. You can ship and track inventory with ease for all different types of products, including perishable items. Scan in shipments as needed at each checkpoint and at its final destination.

Inventory System Example

Secure Documents

We know there is a lot of documentation that happens in and around logistics from the warehouse to inventory, shipments and tracking. Bento has a full documents system that can easily and quickly be customized to your individual needs so you can quickly and easy track all documentation digitally in your logistics business. Since our notes & comments system is used throughout our software, communication between different companies, locations, team members and vendors can easily happen so everyone is up to date and kept in the loop.

Documents system example

The best part about Bento Systems software is the rapid solutions development and cost-effective price to create customized solutions for your logistics company. Any piece of Bento System’s robust software system can be customized with ease and speed to best fit your business needs.

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