Bento team: Why is there so much Japanese culture in the Bento brand?

Konichiwa! Arigatou! These are two greetings & salutations you may see as you use Bento Systems. What do those words even mean? What is their specific purpose?

Konichiwa and arigatou mean “hello” and “thank you” in Japanese. The Bento brand name itself is Japanese. Bento was built on a custom back-end framework called Pagoda. The Bento brand puts lots of emphasis on implementing Japanese culture within Bento’s “walls”, and for a reason.

The two majority partners in Bento, Ricky Voltz & Zach Voltz, have Japanese culture as a part of their family. When creating Bento, they wanted to make a brand integrating the heart and soul of Japanese culture.

“It’s about functional simplicity for us. Just like a real bento box provides you with everything you need for that meal, Bento provides a comprehensive suite of business tools that are easy to use and in one place.” – Ricky Voltz, CEO, Bento Systems

Most of our team members, while not all from Asian descent, appreciate the Japanese culture and much of what it stands for: respect, minimalism and hard work.

“In design, what you call something is very important—names act as a North Star, informing decisions along the path. To me, the name Bento pulls our work towards simplicity, parity, and clarity in our goal of providing a system of compose-able tools that hand power over to the user.” – Zach Voltz, CTO, Bento Systems

Respect, simplicity, and hard work are the pillars Bento is built on. To see these values put into place, read this post about getting more done in your day. If you want to try Bento for yourself, visit: