Collaborate & Store Documents Easily

Whether you’re a writer, editor, planner, or leader, text is still our best way to communicate complex ideas.

If you’re working with a team, keeping your documents organized and getting feedback on them is important.

Organizing & Collaborating on Key Documents

In Bento, you have four dimensions to play with while organizing your work: folders, types, states, and tags.

Folders are familiar—create folders and nest your docs in them in whatever way makes sense to you and give related things a place to live in your system.

At some point, you’ll start to realize that you have types of documents—a *Client Report*, a *Blog Post*, or *Meeting Notes.* Create the document types that matter to you, and filter any set of documents by that type, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for.

 A good system shortens the road to the goal. - *Orison Swett Marden*

Creating is hard, but it gets easier when you can break it down into steps. Each *type* of document you create comes with its own unique workflow you can customize to fit your needs. Keep track of your progress at a high level by viewing your documents in a *KanBan,*where the columns are the steps you set in the process. Or switch over to see them grouped by author, or lay them out by type—however you want to see them, its just a toggle away.

Sharing Documents

And then there are tags—a nimble way to add a descriptor to your documents you can report on later. Tags can also function as permissions: every team member and team has their own tag, so sharing documents across your organization is simple, fast, and clear. Wherever you are, you know exactly who can see what you’re looking at, and how to give someone else access when you need feedback or a “go-ahead.”

At Bento, we prioritize building tools you can use to create the system you see in your mind over a framework for the user to work in. If you’re like us, you’ll realize (quite often) that system you’re so proud of can be refined or needs to adapt–that’s why Bento is structured around free-form use, and an ability to change. You have a vision for your organization—lay it out for your team in Bento.

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