Efficiency tip: Stack your meetings on the same days each week

We’ve all heard jokes about having too many meetings in your day. But, whether we like it or not, they’re a part of the work week and when meetings are used appropriately can be highly effective and lead to great work. But,  there is a key to making them painless: proper scheduling.

Tip: Stack your meetings

When your boss or fellow team members asks for a meeting, find a day or two in your week and make it your “meeting day (s).” Keeping your meetings on the same days each week will make you and your organization’s life a lot easier. We starting doing this when it became difficult for us to get our actual work done because our meetings were scattered throughout the week. We had a hard time getting focused on the work we needed to do when we were going in and out of meetings. By stacking our meetings on certain days,  we are able to focus more during the meetings on the actual people and discussions taking place. Then, on the other days we designated as ‘work days’ where we could dive into our work and have deep focus. 

If you are not comfortable stacking all your meetings to 1-2 days a week, try stacking all your meetings to one part of your day, like the morning. Then you would have the whole afternoon for work and focus time.

Efficiency = Better Results

Having a well-prepared schedule gives you a better understanding of how your week may flow. It creates less time for clutter and more time for productivity. Being able to deeply focus on your work makes the overall outcome over everyone’s work better.

Feel less overwhelmed

Over all other things, dedicating work days to different categories of work creates an enjoyable environment. Heading into work when 100 tasks need to be completed between the five meetings you’ve schedule is too much. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. Having a tight-knit schedule offers better opportunity for getting more done in your day.

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