Get Client Feedback Without Overloading Your Inbox

How often has email communications with clients been a detriment to a project? We have some truly atrocious stories of group email threads with team members and clients to keep everyone on the same page. The ‘reply all’ thread gets muddy really fast. Then the communication both internally and externally gets pretty messy and very unclear.

We saw a need for back and forth feedback with clients pretty quickly and decided to do something about it. We created a client portal within Bento where you can share project details easily.

Share any project details through a client portal

On any piece of data you need feedback from a client on, whether it’s projects, to review a file, or to fill out a form, you can give client access and request their feedback from within the application.

Request client feedback directly and see all details in one place.

You can add anyone on that client’s team to review and any of your internal team members to jump in with feedback as well.

Add feedback from any team member in one spot

The best part about this process is all of the feedback and client details are all in one place so you don’t have to go searching through your email or any chat channels to figure out what a client or team member said about any given project. It’s all in Bento.

See all comments on any item in one area

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