How do you create more business in the New Year?

This time of year almost always has people thinking about plans for the new year. If you’re in business you are likely looking at ways to make the next year even better than the last. So how can you create more business in the new year? Make connections.

Connecting with people is at the heart of any new business deal. You may be connecting with them online with meaningful and helpful content, calling current and past clients on the phone, sending out text messages and setting meetings to meet in person or via video conference. Any way you do it, reaching out and connecting with people is how you’ll create business. You will not always know where those conversations are going to lead you, but they will take you where you need to go.

How do you make consistent connections with people? You keep track of them. This is why our contacts manager is so important to us. Also called a CRM, this is the portion of our software that manages all of the companies and people you do business with or want to make a connection with.

We’ve seen how varying levels of businesses keep track of their clients. Sometimes it’s a paper system in a notebook, other times it’s a combination of an address book and a spreadsheet. The businesses we’ve seen do it best are using an actual cloud-based contacts manager.

We also found it valuable to note details about each client, and to know what their status is with us based on parameters that we set. For example, we may have a contact that is in the ‘New Lead’ status or they may be ‘Inactive’ after not extending a Free Trial. The status of those two different kinds of contacts will help us determine the best next step for connecting with them in the new year and seeing how we can best help them.

Additionally, keeping all your contacts in one place keeps you organized and saves you time since you are not wasting time looking for someone’s information in various places. Using a contacts manager also gives you a high-level view of your contacts and what level of business they’ve done with you. In the Bento Contacts Manager you are also able to take notes, so you will have a record of interactions with your contacts as well as any customer service notes.

And since we love Tasks, we also added a way for you to create and assign a task specifically on a contact. For example, ‘Follow up with Elon Musk re: Inventory Management.’ Then you can set a date so you don’t forget to actually follow-up!

Whatever your goals are for the new year, making connections with the people you know and the new people they lead you to are how you can meet your goals next year. If you want a Free Trial of our contacts manager, learn more here.

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