How to Keep Your Whole Team on the Same Page

With teams not physically working in the same space due to remote working, communication between team members is even more important. 

We’ve gone through some of our best remote working tips based on our experience. We have also shared a free guide to help your team make the pivot to an all remote work team.

We’ve stressed the importance of communicating and over-communicating when you are working with team member who are not physically close to you. 

Saying that communication is important is one thing, putting the tools & processes in your hands to do so are a different story. 

Inside Bento we have a few different ways we collaborate with our team on projects, tasks and files in our system.

Mentally & Verbally Declare Your Process for the Whole Team

We first, we made a decision as a team to not go “rogue” and do work outside of Bento. This means we don’t try to use our chat channels to send something that should be a task or try to manage full projects via Slack or email. Team collaboration happens inside Bento and we stick to that. This is an important step – everyone making the decision to have a process and stick to it. 

Project Management Tools

Since we decided to do all our project management in one system, we use our own Bento app to set up projects. Projects can be anything to your business that you need to manage as a team (such as a trip, job, ticket, etc.) When you create a project you can use all the project tools such as creating tasks related to that project, assign to team members, time tracking tools, project dollar values, shared files, invoices, billing, and client information, and commenting tools. For teams who have similar projects or jobs over and over again, we have project templates.

Each time we have an internal project or an external client project, we set it up in our system and assign everything out to the appropriate team members and manage all aspects of that project moving forward inside our ONE system. This helps keep all information for your team streamlined in one spot.

Personal projects managed in Bento web app

Task Management Tools

The part of any team that keeps everything going is each person knowing what they should be working on. Assigning tasks to yourself and each team member helps keep everyone on track. The task management tool can be used as a tool on a project, as a tool on a specific team, or stand-alone to remind yourself and others of things that need to be completed.

Our ‘My Stuff’ area helps each person organize their own person work so every team member knows exactly what to work on.

My task view in Bento web app

Team Collaboration through Commenting

A big problem we have had in the past is organizing feedback, both from internal team members and from clients. This previously looked like a lot of slack comments that then had to be compiled into a note or a very long email string that was oddly formatted and hard to follow. 

With the commenting tool used throughout the system, this means we can tag team members on any contact, file, project, task etc. throughout the system and ask for their feedback. It is right there on the item in question for anyone who needs to get feedback to see it. 

Team collaboration in Bento web app

Client Collaboration through the Client Portal

Another challenge that we and many other teams have had are incorporating client feedback. This used to look like having a team member compile feedback via phone calls, emails & chat messages and then also hosting an internal team call to go over these things. 

With use of our client portal, we are able to share any items with our client via a client portal that we need to. Our clients have their own login to see this information. What is better is that our commenting tool is used on the client side as well, which means we can easily tag a client and ask for feedback and see it all within one system. This also means we have a direct link to client feedback within a streamlined system and process. This means less time, less team members involved, and more efficiency.

Client comments through the Client portal in the Bento web app

What team collaboration tools and tips have worked well for you? 

Reach out to us for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss keeping your whole team on the same page with team collaboration tools with Bento.