New Bento Software Feature: Project Management

The core of our workforce software program is to make the lives of the people we work with easier by being more organized. There is one consistent issue that has come up: a lack of comprehensive project management software. While there are many project management software options out there, we wanted to build one that works well from the start of a project with proposals and contracts, through the end of the project with invoicing and payments. Most of the time these things are disconnected from the actual project. We went on a mission to pull all of these things together to make project management easy and efficient. Now, we can officially say the project management feature of the Bento Systems software has been released and is available to use!

Here are some things you can do within the Bento project management feature:

  • Create projects within your team to manage ongoing business
  • Manage project templates for project types you work on frequently
  • Choose the various tools you want to use for that project.

Available project management tools:

  • Point of Contact: Designate a point of contact for each project from your contacts list.
  • Tasks: Keep track of the tasks related to each project.
  • Contracts: Add a contract to each project. Choose from a list of contract templates and send the contract out for digital signature.
  • Message board: Add a message board for each project. Easily share thoughts and get feedback from your team.
  • Line items: Add a collection of line items to each project that you can bill for.
  • Invoices: Send your customer an invoice based on the pack lists you create with line items.
  • Proposals: Create proposals to send to clients for approval and payment.
  • Staff Scheduling: Create staff schedules for active proposals on this project.
  • Calendar: View each project’s information in a calendar view.

We have been excited to use this feature (because we’ve tried a LOT of different types project management software over the years) and are happy to now share ours with the world! We would also love additional feedback. If you’re open to trying a new project management software feature, let’s talk.

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