One of the best collaboration tools we love as a team

Teams of any size are usually extremely busy. Which means finding small and big ways to achieve more and work together better and easier creates huge wins!

Each team member on the Bento team has worked in a variety of capacities on team from large corporate departments, to small and nimble startup teams. At the end of the day, how you work together and collaborate as a team will make or break what you are trying to achieve and how sane everyone on the team is.

All your tasks & projects in one area

For us, we wear our own shoes and use Bento and it’s many features for our own work every day. Having one spot behind one Bento software login is super helpful so we don’t have to remember which SAAS product I’m using and which login. All our tasks and projects we need to work on are in one area.

Minimizing the shear number of software programs your team uses is just one way your team can collaborate better.

Easily share tasks, projects and anything else with other team members

We also regularly use a feature we have in Bento for tagging. So if we need to share a task, project, contact, file, proposal, whatever with another team member we just add their tag and boom! They get access and a notification they were added to something.

Tagging team members in Bento app
Notification when you are tagged on something new

See all feedback & comments in one area

One of the best collaboration tools we love as a team is our commenting tool that is available throughout the Bento software. On any task, project, contact, or any data you need to collaborate on as a team. This means your inbox is not full of feedback requests with group email strings that go on forever to get feedback from everyone. It also means, you don’t have to have a meeting every time you need quick feedback from a group of people. It also means, you don’t have to overload the chat service you use and try to use it as a project management tool trying to get feedback from people.

Share projects with clients to get their feedback

You can also share any project, task, form or data set with any of your clients to get their feedback as well.

Don’t worry, you can separate out internal and client-facing comments as well. That way all your information is in one spot and you don’t have to check multiple email strings and any other chat function plus phone call notes to see the feedback from a client or a team member. It’s all in one spot!

We are still a small team of less than 10 people so finding ways to get the most done we can is crucial. But as we’ve added team members to the team we have noticed how much easier it is to onboard them while using Bento. We are also an all remote team spread out across the Middle TN and on the East Coast. This means finding easy and efficient ways to collaborate is increasingly important for us and anyone who has multiple offices and any kind of remote workforce.

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