One Place for ALL Your Data

We have worked with a lot of different business types over the years. While there are many differences, there are also many similarities in how businesses should operate by teams regardless off the industry you are in. 

We tend to work with teams that are growing and are very workflow based. This means there are usually various team members in different functions interacting with clients or customers. 

For example, from a front-end sales perspective, an organization is usually using a CRM or customer relationship manager (software system 1) to keep track of new contacts and move through a workflow. Many times the workflow looks like this:

Standard Sales Workflow

New Prospect > New Lead (with notes) > Follow-up 1 > Follow-up 2 > Follow-up 3 > New Client 

After sales happens, that’s just the beginning of a customer journey and often the next step is a hand-off to another team. Depending on your business type, the team that a new client moves to will vary and what happens to them varies as well. But often it’s the same things that need to happen for each client with a few variables. This type of work is often managed in a separate project management software (software system 2) from the software that the sales team works in. 

Additional Software Systems

What also needs to happen when there is a sale with a new client or customer is something financial. Usually as part of the sales process there is a verbal or written proposal that is developed using a proposal system (software system 3). Sometimes the proposal system is the same as a the billing system, but sometimes it is separate (software system 4). 

Then the actual work begins for a customer or client. Often this requires another ERP, operating system, project management or business management software. (software system 5). This houses all the work that is done for a client on a project basis or even for ongoing retainer work. 

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But what about communication? Usually there is outside email (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) and chat services (Slack, WhatsApp, messenger, etc.) for back and forth collaboration between team members and with the client. (Software systems 6 & 7). There is also file management (such as Dropbox or iCloud) which brings us to software system 8.

Lastly, many organizations need software for managing the team members deploying the products & services to house things such as paperwork, Payroll details, contact information and employee agreements. That’s software system #9. 

These are all standard places that organizations house their data. How awesome would it be to significantly reduce the number of software systems you’re using + all the different places that are housing your company data.

At Bento, our goal is to significantly reduce the number of software systems you need and to tighten up all processes so more money can hit your bottom line in the name of software savings cost reduction and efficiency. 

Bento is a cloud-based operating system for your business that is feature rich and can wipe out many of the software systems you and your team have to use (and pay for) every day. Better yet, your data is in one consolidated place (not 9 different places). 

If you have questions about how to set up your automated workflows or keeping all your data in one place, reach out to us.