Push your projects to the next level

Are you intimidated by due dates and deadlines? Has your organization struggled with things slipping through the cracks because of lapses in your processes? Thankfully, project management software systems like Bento has intuitive and easy-to-use project management feature to keep your projects on track, on time and bring your project management to the next level!

Project Management Tools All in One Place:

Have you ever wished you could see everything that you have to do and when it needs to be done, all in one place? Bento automatically generates a calendar which shows the tasks, milestones, and other relevant events related to your current project, on the day each is due.

Keeping an up-to-date calendar is especially helpful for visual learners, who tend to internalize due dates better when they can see their tasks spread out over the week and month, as opposed to a list view. Bento takes the stress out of project by automatically adding new tasks to the calendar and keeping track of all tasks in a task list as well.

See when a task was created, when it was last updated, and when it is due

It can be tough to keep up with all that needs to be done for a project or job and to keep track of all the changes that have been made to a project. (Especially when that one teammate refuses to keep you up to date about their progress.) Thankfully, Bento has a solution. If someone makes an edit to a task, Bento records the date of the edit, and displays it for anyone who views that task in the future.

Clicking on a task will display lots of other useful information about that task as well, including when it was created, when it is due, who the task has been assigned to, and its current status. You can also see how close a given due date is relevant to the current date, so you know exactly how much time you have to complete the task without having to count days yourself.   

Progress tasks with one click

Every task will have a colored rectangle associated with it. This box displays whether the task is “assigned,” “in progress,” or “done.”  You can click on the text in the center, to get a dropdown menu of options to change the status of the task to. 

Or, you can use the arrows on either side of the text to instantly advance a task to the appropriate stage. Whichever way works best for you! These rectangles are also color-coded for your convenience: assigned tasks are grey, in progress tasks are blue, and completed tasks are green. (You can also customize these status colors.) We also have the option for different views of all projects including lists, table & the popular KanBan board view. This intuitive system of advancing tasks can help you quickly and easily know where the status of different projects are at any time and let you focus on what really matters without having to constantly follow up with individual team members and await their reply.

If you want to see for yourself how Bento can take the stress out of project management, you can watch a free software demo at https://bento.systems