Scheduling Your Staff & Volunteers with Ease

Scheduling your team members and volunteers can get cumbersome really quickly without the right tools. We have made recent updates to our scheduling app within Bento to make scheduling quick and easy for anyone who needs to schedule team members or volunteers.

Schedule Multiple shifts for Multiple Team members

Our scheduling app within Bento allows you to set up multiple shifts and drag and drop them onto the appropriate team members that are also based on job types.

Schedule multiple people and multiple shifts

Customize Availability for Team Members

Also built in to Bento is the ability to add a team member, assign them a job type, and set a customized availability for that team member. That way when you are scheduling different shifts for different job types and team members, the system already know who is available.

Week Views and Day Views for Scheduling

This has been a great tool for teams that have different job types that have varying availability and for teams who employ part-time and contract workers. This has also been helpful for organizations scheduling volunteers who have varying availability. No one has to remember who is available. Once someone sets their availability, you can easily create a schedule with the system keeping track of a team member’s availability and not you.

The Bento Scheduling app has both a day view and a week view for whatever your need or preference is and for ease of scheduling.

Bento Scheduling app day view
Bento Scheduling app week view

Drag & Drop Scheduling Feature

What also makes the Bento Scheduling app easy to use is the grid-like view and the drag and drop feature. Anyone creating a schedule for team members or volunteers can easily create different shifts and drag and drop them to an available team member.

Bento Scheduling app day view drag & drop
Bento Scheduling app week view drag & drop

Team Member ‘My Schedule’ View

When using the Bento Scheduling app, a team member can easily see their schedule within Bento.

Team member ‘My Schedule’ view in Bento Scheduling app

Metrics & Groupings on Schedules

We also know that knowing the number of hours and the amounts that can be billed out to a client based on a schedule that has been created is important. You can easily view these metrics in the Bento Scheduling app.

Viewing Metrics for total hours & dollar amounts that a client can be billed based on a schedule.

There is also the ability to display the amount of shifts by type in the Bento Scheduling app. In the day view, the user can group assignments by type in a row.

Grouping in the day view of the Bento Scheduling app

In the week view, you can group by the shift types and see how many different shifts have been created for that shift type.

Test Drive the Bento Scheduling App

Interested in making your life easier when making schedules? Fill out the contact form on this page for a quick Demo.