Time Tracking App Bento

Time Tracking on Tasks & Projects

Tracking the amount of time you and your team spend on tasks & projects can make or break your profit margin. This is why we created our Time Tracking app in Bento to help teams properly track time against tasks and project.

Time Tracking on Tasks in Bento

Tracking Time on Projects

When you have a project set up in Bento you can estimate the amount of time to complete that project.

Estimate time for completion of a project in Bento

Then all tasks set up on that project will log against that project’s estimated time.

Tracking Time on Tasks

With the Bento Time Tracking app, you can create tasks and then log time against that task as well.

Start a timer on a tasks

When you have an active timer running, you will see that your timer in the toolbar is turned red. This helps you know when you have active timers running at any time as a user.

Actively running a time tracker on a task

In addition to the time tracking feature, you can also manually log time against a task or project.

Manually log time on a task or project in Bento.
Manually log time on a task or project in Bento.

Whether you call it a project, a task, a job or anything else where you need to track time, Bento has the ability for you to easily allow yourself & team members to track time.

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