3 Tips for Selling More This Year

Tips for sales managers: 3 ways to sell more this year

If you work in sales management for your company, then you’re probably under a lot of pressure to constantly reinvent your approach to sales to fit with the most recent trends. It can be hard for even experienced professionals to know what to do to make your business stand out, and what not to do to avoid making a bad impression. So, here are three tips to upping your sales game this year.

  1. Get Organized

For some people, staying organized is basically second nature. For others, it’s a constant struggle of feeling like you live in chaos. Being organized is a learned skill and working in sales requires a higher level of communication and organization. Accidentally neglecting a contact because your approach is disorganized can mean losing that sale.

An organized approach to your daily work in sales is crucial to keeping track of your long list of potential customers, and where in the process you are with them. You’ll need to take notes diligently so you and your team members are always up to date on your interactions with clients. Fortunately, Bento has a CRM feature that can do just that for you.

It’s not enough to keep yourself organized: you need to organize your team too. One of Bento’s most useful functions is keeping the responsibilities and deadlines of a large group of team members straight. (You can check out that capability here.)

2. Use an integrated CRM 

Let’s face it, if you have inconsistent communication with potential clients, keep inaccurate information about them, and forget to follow-up with them, that can easily lead to lost deals.

Using an integrated CRM platform will save valuable time for you and your client, that you can both devote to building a meaningful relationship.

List of companies with manager assignment in Bento CRM

Bento has this covered with our straightforward CRM that is connected to a simple web form for clients. This means when someone fills out an online contact form, Bento automatically puts their data into the Bento CRM, accessible by you and any team member you want to have access to them, for as long as you need. Also, we have an integrated task system that allows you to set reminders for yourself and to your team members about that contact. (See #3 below.)

With Bento, all it takes is one form, and you and your clients can stay connected and focus on the work and conversations that matter most.

3. Use Tasks to follow-up with customers

Following up with a potential customer is so important in landing a sale! Sometimes touching base is just a reminder in that person’s busy schedule that you are still there and have something great to offer. Either way, shooting your potential customer a quick call or email a week or so after you first make contact is a key step. 

While we all know following up is important, it is easy to forget to do in your busy work day. You can use Bento’s task function to remind yourself or team members to follow-up, and never miss another deal!

Bento Systems Taks
New task reminder on a contact in Bento’s CRM

These are just three of the ways that Bento can help sales managers make a good first impression with new potential customers. If you want to see what Bento can do to make sure you land more sales, you can watch a free demo at https://bento.systems