Updates to the Bento Mobile app

We know your work life gets busy! Access to information you need related to your business and work from wherever you are is important to you.

The past few weeks we have given special attention to the mobile version of our app and made some updates for easier navigation.

How to download the Bento Mobile App

If you’re using the mobile version of the Bento Mobile app, you will always be able to open it in whatever browser your mobile device is using. Likewise, if you receive a notification from Bento you can click on a link in the email and your browser will automatically open the application to the information sent to you in that notification.

If you want an icon on your mobile device’s home screen you can click here on your mobile device https://bento.voltz.software/ click the share button, then scroll and choose ‘Add to Home Screen’ and then choose ‘Add.’ You will then have the mobile version of the Bento app on your phone and can login via mobile device at any time.

New Mobile Navigation menu

We have made getting around the Bento app on mobile easier with our new mobile navigation menu.

Gain access to your ‘My Stuff’ area, your teams notifications, account information and time entries if you need to quickly and easily via the mobile app navigation. Most of the information you need to get to quickly will be in one of these areas and you can now easily get to them on mobile!

View information related to your Team

In the Bento app we have the concept of Teams where a lot of your details and data may live. You can organize all of your team members by team and those people will have access to all of the information they need as part of that team. When you need access to it on-the-go via mobile, you can easily pull up the mobile app, choose Teams and get to the appropriate team and that team’s information quickly.

Get to your contacts easily

Many times when you are on-the-go you quickly need to get access to a contact. With the new Bento app mobile navigation you can easily go to ‘My Stuff’ and then ‘My contacts’ and see all the contact info you need, grab it out of Bento and get in touch with whoever you need to!

See status of projects easily

With being busy comes lots of “things” and projects going on. We know that you often either need to see the high-level status of what’s going on with various projects, and sometimes even the details of a project while you’re out of the office.

View all the tasks you need to get done quickly

With Bento you can manage all of your company’s information from contact info to projects, tasks, etc. in one spot. But what about when you just need to know what you need to get done? With the new mobile navigation, we have made it easier for you to quickly navigate to your ‘My Stuff’ area so you can see all of your personal tasks and all the projects, teams & contacts you are tagged on. Then you can quickly see the stuff that is relevant to just you so you know what’s on your plate.

As always, we are consistently working on making our application better for each of our users. We will keep you posted each time with make new mobile changes that can benefit you and your teams.

If you have questions about Bento or would like to see a quick demo, schedule some time with us.