What is “Low-Code” and How Does it Benefit You?

This whole “low-code” talk can be quite confusing to anyone who actually doesn’t work in the software world. 

Here is what it means for you and for us.

1. Faster Implementation

Low-code means that we as software developers do not have to specifically program or “code” custom software solutions for you. We have a platform that has already been developed or “coded” and has systems and tools in place that are already built. 

The majority of the time this means whatever software needs you have are 80% done when you come to us and we use what was already built to configure the remaining 20% of a project to how you do business.

Since your solutions does not need to be “coded” or built from the ground up, we can configure your system to one that is useful to you in a much shorter time frame than it normally takes for a software project. Some people call this MVP or minimally viable product. We get you there faster with Bento, our low-code solution.

2. It’s less expensive

Not everyone has ventured down the custom software project road, but those who have know it is time-consuming and expensive. 

With a low-code solution like Bento, most of what you need is already built as part of the platform. That means you are really only paying for what we configure for you on the front end, and then a low monthly per user fee after we have configured your system to you. 

Using a low-code platform like Bento gives businesses of all sizes (even small-to-medium) an opportunity to create cost-effective automations that help with both efficiency and profit gain.

 3. It gets better over time

Since we are not building custom systems for each client, we do not have to make edits and maintain each individual client’s system. We are working on and maintaining a platform that all of our clients use. That means when we are working on making the system faster and new features they become available to everyone on the platform…. not just one individual client who pays for that work.

Curious about one of our solutions and how a low-code platform like Bento can help? We’re happy to chat. Sign-up for a free session here.