What is your Tech Stack and How You Can Make More Money with It

Sometimes when we are talking with business teams and say “Tech Stack” they know what we mean and others don’t. It’s basically industry lingo for the technology that you and your team use on a day-to-day basis to get work done.

The technology everyone uses can vary. There’s usually some sort of sales tracking software or technology, multiple systems to actually perform work, spreadsheet software, word Processing software, multiple marketing softwares, and bookkeeping & accounting software. 

What Can Happen if you Consolidate the Technology You are Using

We are not saying that all of those functions aren’t necessary to a business… they are. What we are saying is reducing your tech stack to just a few does three things:

  1. Saves you money on what you’re actually spending for technology.
  2. Saves money in efficiency for your business overall.
  3. Creates more money for you by allowing your team to do more. 

“With Bento’s solution we were able to 4X our revenue while only increasing our staff by 1.2X. Double booking has been eliminated and inventory usage is far more controled.” -Nathaniel, Owner, Infinity Hospitality Group

So what does it look like to reduce your tech stack?

  1. The first step we like to do is review what your current process is. Then we help you map out what your process should be to get work done.
  2. After we’ve determined as a team what your process should, we are able to determine how to automate certain areas of your business on the Bento platform.
  3. Finally, we implement those automations, onboard your team & data, and train you and your team on the Bento platform. Then we let you loose to grow your business!

Through our process we are able to identify the different software systems you are using and when you are fully-converted to the Bento platform you can remove your team and the cost of that software from your business operations. 

We have helped many companies consolidate their tech stack and automate & improve their business processes. Are you ready to let us help you? Sign-up for our 20-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.