Workplace Hacks: Efficiency For The Win

At a certain point, closing more business can actually do more harm than good. We’ve seen this happen most often when businesses are trying to grow past the $2-$5 Million in revenue mark. You can hustle to $1-$2 Million in revenue, but sustainable growth beyond that point requires new behavior.

You can’t keep doing the same things you are doing now and expect to see the growth you want. Something has to change.

Our team at Bento is experienced in identifying problems in business workflows and fixing them in a lasting, long-term way. Our first goal is to understand your problem. We want to learn as much as we can about the issues you’re facing, what you’ve already tried, and what you learned from those trials. We also want to understand your long-term goals so we can align our solution with your vision.

Once we understand your problem and expected outcomes, our work begins to create a comprehensive, long-term solution. Since we are focused on increasing your efficiency, our solutions are processed oriented and implemented through software. We will give you a business model that can support the growth you want and a software system that will keep up.

The long-term success of a company can be accurately predicted by how well they implement software and Lean business methodologies.

Extreme Ownership and Lean Business principles are at the core of what we do. The growth you want requires change in your process and thinking. Implementing a system will only produce short-term results. To really achieve your goals, you’ll need to change your mindset too. That’s were Extreme Ownership and Lean principles come in. Extreme Ownership is a philosophy coined by a couple over-achieving Navy SEALS. They took their training and experience and applied it to business and the results are just amazing. We couple these principles with the Japanese business philosophy called Kaizen.

Kaizen has been adopted by American businesses through the name Lean. Lean is the process of continuous improvement. When implemented within an organization properly, the effects are dramatic. Quality goes way up which decreases unhappy customers, support calls, and wasted time. The result? Higher profit margins. This is a method that has been proven time-and-time again. So much that now it’s a measurement of success.

Nowadays, every company is a software company. Companies that use software within their organizations and with their clients win. The ones that don’t, well… you know.

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