Workplace Hacks: Use recurring tasks to simplify the way you work

Do you or any of your team members struggle with ALL THE DETAILS that need to be kept up with and assigning tasks to the right team members? How about making sure that all team members consistently know what they should be doing and when? With so much going in an organization, it’s easy for anyone to let a few balls drop. But we have a way to help prevent that: Bento’s task management feature. Within Bento we have integrated a task management feature throughout the system. This means, your organization can simply and easily have one place to go to collaborate on projects and assign tasks to yourself or the necessary team members.

Introduction to tasks

The task feature is integrated throughout Bento, and every function of the software is optimized to work with it. Using Bento is an intuitive and cohesive experience, and tasks are a key part of that experience. 

You can assign tasks individually by going to the ‘My Tasks,’ tab. You can also assign tasks related to a specific contact through our CRM or contacts manager system, or assign tasks as part of a specific project. 

Schedule tasks for yourself and for others

Not only can you take advantage of Bento’s administrative function by assigning tasks to any of your team members, you can also use Bento to keep yourself organized and assign tasks to yourself as reminders of things you need to get done.

Simplify your scheduling process with recurring tasks

For many teams there are consistent responsibilities or tasks that need to happen daily or monthly. Recurring tasks are a brand new feature within Bento that allows you to create and assign tasks that need to happen on a consistent basis. This means, you only have to set up tasks that need to recur once and from there on will get a regular reminder with due dates for your regularly scheduled tasks. You can currently schedule tasks to recur on a daily and weekly basis, so you never forget something that needs to get done.

How do Tasks help your team?

It’s all about organization and efficiency! The tasks function creates efficiency in your life and your team’s work day so you can collaborate and work in an organized way. The tasks menu gives you a consistent place to view all the work-related things you need to get done, and when they need to be finished. If you’re tired of trying to remember things yourself, or keeping multiple planners, then Bento just might be the software for you and your organization! 

If you want to experience for yourself how Bento can help you streamline your tasks and just make your work life easier in general, you can schedule a free demo at

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